Filtered Water 
Saves Biosphere

Every Drop Cleaned Helps

Every researcher no matter at the Baccalaureate, Masters or Doctoral into post doc work, every one finds a burning question, one they can't easily answer.  The process is so common it's almost laughable, because, we all do it- and we all believe we're being original.  The really deep laugh comes from those who have been exposed to existential philosophy which almost always begins with, "There has never been and there will never be any such thing as an original thought."  The professor usually goes on to explain how thoughts in the human specie are kept around by our sharing of them, and they aren't new.  So most research is said to be discovering.

What happens in this quick tale is this question.  One day the company President was texting me, and we were sharing about water- and I asked if he was familiar with the research having to do with water that is filtered returning to the biosphere clean and thus improving the biosphere?  He hadn't so I wanting to show out a bit for, my hope was, a future customer to our company, wildflowerhoney, [shameless plug] I offered to find some relevant research and return the same to him.  Ever hear that one about opening a can of worms?  My little mind about exploded with the amount of research done into this issue.  

These are links to some of the About 12,800,000 results (0.78 seconds) Google search to this question  "scientific research that filtered water helps cleanse the biosphere." So you can see I tried to keep it close to the bone.  At any rate, review as you like, my research will of course continue- and, as always if you'd like our considerable insight into this issue - feel free to visit our reference library at:  Carebeyond -love in business! Now to those references---just a few select---  Earthlabs                  Defenders of Wildlife    USGS    SCIENCE DIRECT

OK this should serve to get your whistle whetted, if you'd like to converse with me regarding this, would love to - here's my email...thanks for reading hope to hear from you soon.

Dana "Dr.D" Richardson