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Goodbye Arthritis Pain

As a person who's been in academic fights for most of my doctoral life I'm a skeptic, very skeptical, probably way more skeptical than you.  When this worked I was both shocked and bewildered.  Why wasn't everyone aware of this, well, the explanation is pretty simple I think- and it relates to many factors having to do with something called Big Pharma, but we aren't going to go there, instead, please click on the link to the testimonial site and feel free to contact me about purchasing this amazing wondorous solution!

Want help with your Arthritis pain?  Here it is, listen and order if this seems good to you.

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We love vision

Learning direction starts with profound insight 

Planning and how to plan and why planning matters. This book will tell you how to determine your direction for the next five years. The tools in this book are summary from the greatest minds ever on the subject of planning, then Dr. Richardson's years of experience, over 48 years. Dr. Richardson is an awarded soldier, an Army trainer he moved into the civilian sector and received many accolades for his services in public speaking, leading prominent groups, leading people and contributing to the betterment of his community. This former professor who's students commend as being one of the finest they learned from, now puts that experience into direct steps designed to assist you, his reader.

Our method is modern


What You'll find

Yes planning is difficult, but, our expertise means you'll find it much easier than you might believe

Understanding Now

The constant pressure to achieve is met with the understanding

 that our past is a foundation, we build upon that.  

The important thing to understand is where we are now is a result of where we were, it is a journey

ZOOM meeting is a norm

We strive to use the best software to help you find your success.


Our specialty is helping you find a relevant path that will lead to success.

We deliver quality in your journey